Effective Life

Each day brings fresh change: in the stock market, in the economy, in your company and in our life.

What do we learn from it?

Change brings challenges and adjustments. It also brings an opportunity to grow and to answer important questions:

  1. How can I be more effective in my work?
    What do I need to do to be an inspiring leader?
    How can my team and I better execute the strategy of the company?
    When I understand what to accomplish,
    • How should I act?
    • How can I keep myself and my team motivated?
  2. How can I be more effective in my life?
    What are my values?
    What are my different roles in life?
    What is my contribution?


Step 1: Preparation

Get a clear description and understanding of personal situation, challenge and objectives.

Get clear framework and criteria to work from; follow up and measure progression.
(Individual and team level)

Have a clear and accepted focus of areas to be improved

Step 2: To experience trustworthiness

(Phone and Face-to-face session)

Get an acceptance on the person's qualities and skills

Trustwothiness. He/She has a clear description of his/her life / work contribution

Step 3: To lead is to serve

(Phone and Face-to-face session)

Get style and system in place that allow a more effective way to work as a team

Trust. Stronger trust in others and better empowerment

Step 4: To optimize resources and results

(Phone and Face-to-face session)

Inspire the person to help each stake-holder to get the maximum of his/her resources

Performance remains over time


A coach intends to help a person to find his/her own answer.
Each session ends with a clear list of actions or points of focus to be implemented until the next session.
Socrates: His pedagogy and philosophy are major source of inspiration when we chose to coach someone.

Workshop & Events

Open Workshops
and Events

Improve team effectiveness
Implementation of strategies
Sales effectiveness
Life balance
Team coaching


interactive presentation, group exercices based on an experiential learning approach

Agree on need to improve and set up clear defined system and style for the team

Have a clear mission for the enthusiast team supported by measurable objectives

All workshops will be adapted to individual company needs. 


Global Growth Group



Philips, BMW, Rover, Mercedes, Renault, Audi, Opel, SAAB, GM, GMAC, Fiat, CNH, CNCO, Lhoist, Lear Corporation, IBM, Lucent, Oracle, Alcatel, Hermes, Pacific Group (Lolita, Lempicka, Castelbajac), Longchamp, SCI, Anheuser Bush, Heineken, La Poste, Arthur Andersen, AON, NAACO, Four Seasons, Sara Lee, Regus, E&Y, Foot Locker, Sun Chemicals, Coca Cola, Lego, Tyco electronics, Polo Ralph Lauren, Mega international, SI group ...

About the Coach

Frédéric Dacqmine

For more information, please contact:

Since 1989, Mr. Dacqmine works with Individuals, facilitates public meetings and workshops.

He particularly enjoys conflict resolution, as well as strategic planning and team building.

His areas of expertise include:
Managing HR projects in international organizations (change, new strategy and structure).

Design, implementation and facilitation of sales, leadership and management training.

Support to executives and top leadership (coaching).

Design and facilitation of programs such as:

  • Managing cross functional and cross cultural teams
  • Motivation
  • Interpersonal conmunication
  • Stress management and life balance
  • Teambuilding
  • Public speaking and presentation
  • New orientation and career

Mr. Dacqmine has lived and worked in different countries (Japan, England, Canada, USA, Australia, China and France) for over 20 years.

He offers his workshops and trainings in German, English as well as French.

Certified Executive Coach
Columbia Business School/FranklinCovey

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